Going Solo

You may have noticed that I have recently booked a solo Disney trip and went to watch Wicked in London on my own. It feels quite liberating to be content in my own company. Of course, I also enjoy spending time with others but being recently single, I have accepted that I will be spending a lot more time on my own.

Having gone to London on numerous occasions growing up, the thought of travelling to and from, as well as navigating London, didn’t concern me. I was a little bit nervous about eating alone as I thought people would think I was really strange but I don’t think anyone really noticed. In fact, think it’s quite common for people to eat alone in London.

I was also nervous about going to the theatre on my own but as you spend the majority of your time watching the performance, I barely noticed a difference. In the interval, I just went on my phone and the time went quickly.

The best thing about being on your own is that you can do everything that you want. I got up early as I knew I wanted to go shopping and spent as much or as little time shopping as I wanted to. I stopped for lunch when I wanted to and went back shopping when I wanted. I also went back home when I wanted.

I’ve since booked another solo theatre trip to see Les Miserables in November and I can’t wait. I’d also like to try going to the cinema on my own which does feel a little bit daunting. I think that would be the next step. I’m sure it will be nothing to worry about, though. I desperately want to see Thor: Ragnarok when it comes out (huge Marvel fan) so that will probably be my first solo cinema trip.

Do you enjoy spending time alone?

Have you ever been on a solo trip?

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Mini Disney Primark Haul | September 2017

I wasn’t really sure whether to post this as I wasn’t sure I had bought enough to warrant a haul. However, I love seeing what people have bought from Primark, especially if it is Disney related, and don’t mind if it is just a few bits. I visited the Tottenham Park Road Primark for the first time ever and it was the best Primark experience I think I’ve ever had.

The store is absolutely massive and I must have spent a good couple of hours going around the different departments. I could have spent so much money and seriously had to restrain myself. I found the cutest grey t-shirt which had Chip (from Beauty & The Beast) embroidered on it but they only had it left in a size 4 or 18. I did actually try on the size 4 and it fit but was incredibly tight so decided against it! I also tried on the Donald sweatshirt that I feel EVERYONE has got but I didn’t love it.

I asked at the till if they had any china Chip mugs in stock on the off chance that they did but was unlucky. They told me they had new stock every day and at 10am when I asked they had completely sold out of Chip mugs which goes to show how popular they are. I had seen the mickey

I had seen the mickey-mouse-eared backpack in a couple of Primark hauls and had always thought that it would be the perfect park bag for my Disney trip. As I had seen it quite a while ago, I didn’t think they would still have it so I was delighted when I found one. It really is the perfect size for a park bag and I can’t wait to use it in Paris.

I have also seen the Beauty & The Beast pyjamas on a previous Primark trip and had regretted not buying them. Therefore I knew they were a definite purchase this time around. I seriously had to restrain myself with the Disney pyjamas because I could have bought them all – especially the other Beauty & The Beast set.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my (very) mini Disney Primark haul. Have you been to Primark recently? I’d love to know what you’ve picked up!

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Wicked The Musical Review

I have wanted to see Wicked The Musical for such a long time. It’s a musical that I’ve heard so much about and had already heard a few of the songs. I think the reason it took me so long to book it is that I had heard so many mixed reviews. Recently I have been striving to do the things I have always wanted to do and Wicked was definitely on that list. I was browsing lastminute.com looking at theatre trips and couldn’t believe the price they were offering.

As I decided to go on my own (you don’t really talk to people while the show is on anyway!) I had a few seat options to choose from. I ended up choosing to sit in the stalls in row B, which is the second row. On my ticket it said there was a ‘restricted view’ and from where I would have sat I wouldn’t have been able to send everything. However, I was extremely lucky and due to the fact I went to a mid-week midday show my row was pretty much empty so I shuffled along and sat nearer the middle and had a PERFECT view of the show. I honestly got so so lucky and for £21.75 I think I most certainly got a bargain.

The musical itself was amazing and I absolutely loved every minute of it. The storyline was fantastic – I loved all the nods to the original Wizard of Oz story. The actresses that played Elphaba and Glinda were immensely talented. I can’t get over how high some of the notes were and how incredible their voices were! As someone who gets scared really easily, I was a little creeped out by the flying monkeys and was thankful they didn’t walk through the audience! I loved all the different machinery and thought that was quite clever as well.

I have been fortunate enough to see a few other plays on the West End such as The Lion King and War Horse. I’m not sure how I would compare Wicked because it is so different to those shows but I think I love it just as much. I would love to see Aladdin (huge Disney fan) and Les Miserables. I think they are next on my list. Please let me know if you’ve seen either (or Wicked) and what you thought.

It puzzles me that I heard bad reviews of Wicked as I couldn’t fault a single thing. If you’ve been thinking of going to see it then I would definitely recommend booking to see it.

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Disneyland Paris On A Budget

As a massive Disney fan, I have always wanted to visit a Disney park but have always convinced myself that I couldn’t afford it. Disney can be expensive but you can do it on a budget, you just need to be adaptable. I have done tons of research into booking a budget Disney trip and www.dlpguide.com has been a godsend. As most of my friends weren’t keen on a Disney trip or already had holidays planned, I chose to book a solo trip. The idea of going on my own doesn’t phase me and I like being independent to make my own decisions to get the most out of my trip.

Going on my own also meant I could be completely adaptable and so I looked at various dates on the Disneyland website until I found the cheapest option. The cheapest I could find was March 2018 which means I should be there for ‘Spring into Spring’ and ‘Season of the Force’. As a Star Wars fan, I am incredibly excited. I made the most of the ‘Book 4 Days, Get 2 Free’ deal that was on at the time so will be there for 3 nights and 4 days which is ample time for a first-timer to experience as much of the park as possible.

Hotel Santa Fe being a Disney value hotel was the cheapest option available and as I intend to spend the majority of time in the parks rather than the hotel, I’m not needing anything too fancy. As long as the hotel is clean, safe, has a comfy bed and the breakfast is edible then that is all I need.

For ease, I booked to travel on the Eurostar. Being a 45-minute train journey from London Waterloo and having one change in Lille on the outward journey, it may be lengthy but I am sure I can keep myself entertained with a good book or downloaded Netflix boxset. I’m sure the excitement will also make it fly by. I knew I wanted to book the Disney Magical Express service. Although it is an additional cost, it means my luggage can be transferred directly to my room on the outward journey and to the station on the return journey. This enables me to go spend as much time as possible in the parks and get the most out of my trip.

I chose the Half Board Plus dining plan which entitles me to breakfast in the hotel and then either lunch or dinner in 15 of the waiter or self-service restaurants. Considering how expensive the food is at Disney, I know I’ll make my money back on this in the long run. I intend to budget for another meal per day which will be eaten in one of the Quick Service restaurants. I will do a blog post detailing my restaurant reservation choices closer to the time.

I booked my travel insurance through Disney. Again, for ease. You could probably get a better deal if you shopped around but I was impatient.

I have put down a deposit and the final balance is due in December so I am trying to save as much money as I can before I go. I know Minnie Ears will be a definite purchase and I have my eye on a Cogsworth but we will see! I love Disney content so

I love Disney content so intend to write lots more posts in the lead-up to the trip so let me know if there’s anything, in particular, you would like to see. Please also let me know if you have any Disneyland recommendations.

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Beauty And The Beast 2017 Film Review | #FilmFriday

I was unsure whether to write this post as I feel as though most people have already watched the new Beauty And The Beast film. However, I absolutely loved this film and wanted to share with you why. I feel that there was quite a lot of controversy around the film, especially with Disney fans and especially in regards to Emma Watson playing Belle. I have to say I had quite high expectations of the film after the majority of my Twitter feed were singing its praises. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I have to admit that at the start of the film with the first few verses musical number ‘Belle’ I had a few doubts about Emma Watson’s depiction of Belle and her singing capability. However, by the end of the song, I was more or less won over and I have to say that is now one of my favourite songs. I also thought that Emma Watson did a superb job as Belle and added something new to the role.

My favourite characters of Beauty And The Beast haven’t changed, though. Of course, they are the household servants/furniture. I had high hopes for them after reading the incredibly talented actors that would be playing these characters and I feel they definitely added even more to the characters. My favourites were definitely Lumiere (played by Ewan McGregor), Cogsworth (played by Ian McKellan) and Mrs Potts (played by Emma Thompson). ‘Be Our Guest’ was absolutely spectacular and I feel they absolutely did it justice. Please don’t hate me but I think it could be better than the original!

I also thought that Luke Evans was incredible as ‘Gaston’ and I loved Josh Gad as ‘LeFou’, even though I was nudging my boyfriend exclaiming “It’s Olaf!” I thought that the ‘Gaston’ song was awesome and I feel that it was definitely as good as the original. I also really loved the fact there were new subtle additions to the new film. I especially loved the new song ‘Evermore’ as I feel like it gave The Beast even more personality. I also loved the part where Emma goes to Paris and the fact that her mother’s death is explored in a little more detail.

I have to say I absolutely loved the film and I would 100% recommend watching it if you haven’t already. Please let me know what your thoughts are and what you thought of Emma Watson’s depiction of Belle!

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